Stony Brook Inn Historical Inn

The original house was built in 1853 and as far as we know was a private dwelling primarily used as a summer home. Details of this earlier period are sketchy at best. In 1930 the house was sold to Anton von Wening and in the mid ‘30s was turned into an inn - the Stony Brook Inn. Anton's daughters Constance and Helen operated the inn until the mid ‘40s. It is told that these spinster sisters slept in the attic when the inn was full. Nice and cool in the summer under that old slate roof!

In 1945 the von Wenings sold Stony Brook to Karl and Miriam Dresdner whose initials are still on the old brass door-knocker on the front door. They had two children, Hedl and Philip, who spent many summers in Shawnee. During this period there were many changes to the house. The front door, then facing Worthington Street, was replaced by a bay window across from the big old stone fireplace in the living room. The new front door replaced a small porch area and now faces River Road. The kitchen, complete with a big iron coal stove, was converted into the existing dining room. Fred Waring designed the step-downs from the front living room into the dining area.

After Karl Dresdner died, Miriam summered here until the mid ‘70s, after which Hedl, Philip, and their families used it sparingly until it was sold to Malcolm and Beverly Waring in 1983. Malcolm, the son of Fred Waring of “Pennsylvanians” fame, and Bev added some “creature comforts” including the heated swimming pool and spacious deck in the back yard.

In May 2000 we purchased the property and decided to grace Shawnee Village with a new Bed & Breakfast with an old name - Stony Brook Inn.

Jan 1 1st practical fire engine (horse-drawn) in U.S. enters service

Jan 8 1st U.S. bronze equestrian statue (of Andrew Jackson) unveiled, Wash

Jan 19 Napoleon III marries Eugenie de Montijo

Jan 21 Envelope-folding machine patented by Russell Hawes, Worcester, Mass

Feb 21 U.S. authorizes minting of $3 gold pieces

Mar 2 Territory of Washington organized after separating from Oregon Territory

Mar 3 Transcontinental railroad survey is authorized by Congress

Apr 1 Cincinnati became 1st U.S. city to pay fire fighters a regular salary

Apr 14 Harriet Tubman began her Underground Railroad, helping slaves escape

Apr 29 Comet C/1853 G1 (Schweizer) approaches within 0.0839 AUs of Earth

Sept 6 Women's Right's Convention met (New York City)

May 2 Franconi's Hippodrome opens (New York City)

Sept 24 1st round-the-world trip by yacht (Cornelius Vanderbilt)

May 31 Elisha Kane's Arctic expedition leaves New York aboard Advance

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July 14 1st U.S. World's fair opens, Crystal Palace New York

Dec 30 Gadsden Purchase 45,000 mi (120,000km) by Gila River from Mexico for $10 million, area is now southern Arizona and New Mexico